3 Day FortuneBuilders Real Estate Workshop


3-Day Real Estate Investor Training

Are You Ready to Learn Why NOW Is One of the Best Times in History to Get Started Investing in Real Estate?

Would You Like to Learn How to Invest in Real Estate Even If You Have Limited or No Experience?

Would You Like to Learn How Our Real Estate Business Model Has Helped Other People Around the Country?

If, you answered yes to any of these questions then you will want to MAKE sure you secure one of the seats for the upcoming “Real Estate Investors Summit” being held in your area. We will come to this area a couple times a year, make sure to register!

This exclusive event has sessions designed for beginners in Real Estate and seasoned professionals who have been in the business for decades.

As you know the Real Estate market has drastically changed over the past few years and it is vitally important that everyone understand that techniques that worked even just a few years ago have become totally obsolete. Also, your risks investing in Real Estate are changing. That’s why this workshop is so important to your future success. You will learn strategies that are being used in today's market and also how to reduce your risk investing in Real Estate.

What You'll Learn From the Powerful
Sessions Taking Place at the Workshop

Real Estate

We will hold several sessions where you will learn how to flip real estate properties in your local area. You will learn how to find good deals and also how to price them to sell quickly. More specifically, we will show you our "Wholesaling System" where you can easily buy/sell properties limiting your hold time while reducing your risk.

Investing Sessions

Bank owned REO properties and pre-foreclosure properties are at all time highs across the country which makes it one of the best times in history to invest in these deals. At the event we will have several sessions on how to navigate and prescreen these REO & Pre-Foreclosure properties. We will go through how even new investors can take advantage of these properties that in many areas are being sold significantly below market value.

Than's Rehabbing

At the workshop we walk you through our 7 step rehabbing process that we have used on hundreds of deals. We will show you the documents every successful rehabber needs to use to avoid mistakes and keep projects on time and on budget.

Buy & Hold Real
Estate Sessions

What most people don't know is that most succesful real estate investors built their portfolio by strategically buying and holding CASH-FLOWING properties for the long term. At the event we will have three intensive sessions showing you properties and how we evaluate them for positive cash flow.

Asset Protection

We are also going to have a few sessions where you will learn how to protect and reduce your risks on all your current and future investments. We will show you how to reduce your risk to creditors and other predatory people by properly incorporating yourself. There is risk associated with Real Estate so you need to learn how protect yourself as an investor.

Tax Strategy & IRA
Investment Sessions

Imagine how you will feel after we show you how to structure a deal correctly so it has a positive outcome on how much you pay in taxes. It is a just a few simple changes to how you invest. In fact, many people don't know you can buy and sell real estate inside of a self directed IRA reducing your tax liability. Be prepared!

Raising Money For

We will also show you strategies to find financing for your deals through existing private money lenders who loan money to investors because of the good rate of returns.

Learn From Investors Who Are Actively
Buying and Selling Real Estate in Today's Market!

We currently have an office in San Diego, CA and are buying and selling Real Estate all over the country. It's good to know that you will not only have the chance to look at some of the deals we are doing personally, but you will also be learning from a team of active investors who have documented their system for buying and selling multiple properties a month.

They currently have students from around the country who are now running Real Estate businesses based on their systems. This business model can work for anyone, part time or full time, as long as you have desire and drive. You should also be INTERESTED in reducing your risk of real estate investing by educating yourself.

If you are ready for a life changing event you MUST attend this real estate event. You will be SHOCKED at how little time it takes to get started doing real estate deals.

"I attended a FortuneBuilders event a year and a half ago and by far that is what took my rehabbing business to the next level."
- Jim Huntzicker, Schaumburg, IL
- Yellow Star Properties
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